Price for communication awarded to video on atmospheric boundary layer!

On Wednesday 16 February 2022, the video “Atmospheric boundary layer: the layer where we live” received a prize in a contest organized by the Italian Meteorological Association (AISAM) as part of their fourth National Congress, held in Milan, Italy. The congress offers the opportunity for the Italian scientific community dealing with atmospheric sciences, meteorology, and climatology to promote reflections on these issues.

The innovative graphics in the video explains in an intuitive way what happens in the atmospheric layer closest to the Earth surface, where we all live. The atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) is the layer closest to the Earth’s surface within which most human activities take place.

The video was funded by the PROBE COST action, a network of European scientists working on profiling the atmospheric boundary layer using remote sensing instruments. So why are we posting it here? Because the video was realized by the science communication manager of the action, Claudia Acquistapace, who is a researcher working in the AWARES group.

The vertical profile of atmospheric thermodynamic parameters in the ABL impacts weather, air quality, and climate. Surface sensor networks and satellite observations do not provide sufficient information on the high temporal variability and strong vertical gradients experienced in the ABL.

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