First successful flight

Today, we took off at 10 am for the first survey flight over Bothnian bay – GRaWAC’s, our new G-band radar system’s, first time in the air! Fair weather conditions over the bay and great conditions for emissivity measurements over the frozen, clear-sky Northern bay part. Clouds were scarce, but once we reached open ocean, we started seeing them from the window, and in our radar measurements, well organized.

Next flight will be on Monday – stay tuned!

Instrument integration in Bremen

Cables, converters, bellypod, racks, seat plan, dropsonde launcher, calibration, ground test, documentation, certification, metric or imperial … … … curious to learn more about how integration looks like?

Together with the AWI engineers and KennBorek mechanic, we started installing our instruments aboard the Polar-6 aircraft in the hangar at Bremen airport. Generally, the instruments need to be installed securely aboard the aircraft according to the campaign specific cabin layout. Microwave radiometer and lidar are installed in the cabin with a lookout through the belly, while both cloud radars are attached below the plane in a bellypod.