Second research flight

High pressure conditions gave us wonderfully sunny and crisp winter weather this weekend, but also made all the clouds disappear! We decided to target forecasted haze conditions towards Finland around Sodankyl√§ to test our new radar GRaWAC’s sensitivity limits.
Good news: higher sensitivity to detect thin layers of cloud and haze, even close to the surface, compared to our existing cloud radar MiRAC! With today’s tests, we are optimistic that we will be able to detect Arctic haze over sea ice conditions around Svalbard, our survey area for upcoming campaigns where low-level haze is crucial for radiation characteristics. The fog today was mysterious – it looked like thicker clouds from far away, but once we reached the decks, conditions were such as seen below in the photo: we could see through it easily down to the ground. Our radar detected a 30m thickness.

haze conditions as seen between Kiruna and the waypoint which we headed to

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