Keynote David Buchanan


David A. Buchanan, BA PhD FRSA FCIPD FBAM

Emeritus Professor of Orga-nizational Behaviour, Cranfield University School of Manage-ment, UK. Visiting Professor at Nottingham Business School

„My main argument is that, if we continue to study the same issues using the same methods, we will keep finding the same answers.“


Presentation: Where’s the evidence? – Innovative organizational research                      designs and methods

This presentation will explore innovations in organizational research designs and methods including:

  •  processual and variance perspectives
  • collaborative research designs
  • the embedded researcher as participant observer
  • process data, processual analysis, and the significance of temporality
  • path dependency – why organizations do not learn from accidents and failures
  • single case studies and small-n methods – beyond ‘the representative sample’
  • photography, feature films, and television programmes as research evidence
  • non-statistical generalizability: moderatum, naturalistic, analytical, isomorphic learning

„David is Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Cranfield University School of Management, and Visiting Professor at Nottingham Business School. He works freelance as consultant, speaker, and author, specializing in change management and organization politics. He has a Doctorate in Organizational Behaviour from Edinburgh University, was Director of Loughborough University Business School from 1992 to 1995, has held visiting posts in Australian and Canadian management schools, and works regularly in Australia and Sweden. He is author/co-author of over two dozen books, including the best-selling text, Organizational Behaviour (with Andrzej Huczynski; eighth edition 2013). He has co-authored several books on change management, including: Take The Lead and The Expertise of the Change Agent (with David Boddy), The Sustainability and Spread of Organizational Change (with Louise Fitzgerald and Diane Ketley), and Power, Politics and Organizational Change: Winning the Turf Game (with Richard Badham). He has also written numerous book chapters, papers, and articles on organizational behaviour and change, and research methods.

David has over thirty years’ experience on management development and consulting assignments for clients in Britain and overseas, including Chalmers Professional Education. Other clients: United Distillers, Digital Equipment, Polaroid, Leicester Royal Infirmary, HM Prison Service, Chelmsford Borough Council, Leicester Mercury, The Children’s Society, Northampton Hospital, Wavin (Holland), Alfa Laval, SKF, and in Australia Faulding Chemicals, the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment in Darwin, Australia Post, Motorola, The South Australian Justice Portfolio, and the State Government departments DECS and DAIS. Assignments have included change planning and implementation workshops, employee surveys, organization audits, management briefings and conferences, and the design and implementation of management development programmes in change implementation and organization politics.

Current research interests include a study of the changing roles of middle managers in healthcare, management attitudes to organization politics, transformational change in acute healthcare, and managing change in extreme (post-crisis) contexts.

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