Cisco RTMT v8 on Mac OS X

This article expands on a topic others have written about before, i.e. running Cisco’s RTMT for the Cisco Call Manager on a Mac:

Both of these deal with earlier versions of RTMT. Please read at least Ciscomonkey’s article, because I’m not repeating the hints regarding the timezone issue here.

I found that it doesn’t work as easily using RTMT v8, specifically 8.92. Here’s what you have to do to get that version to run on your Mac:

  1. Install the Linux version in a Linux VM
  2. Copy the installation directory (usually that’s /opt/Cisco/Unified-Serviceability/JRtmt/) to your Mac (e.g. to /Applications/)
  3. Edit the file JRtmt/ so that it uses /usr/bin/java instead of trying to start the bundled JRE (which is a Linux binary)

At this point you can launch RTMT by invoking from a terminal, but for additional convenience you can write yourself a GUI launcher. The basics are described in the article I linked to, but I added logging the output:

do shell script "cd /Applications/JRtmt; ./ 2>&1|logger -t 'Jrtmt'"

Of course you’ll have to adapt the path to the location where you installed the directory. Now you can just double-click the AppleScript app, and RTMT’s output will be logged to

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