New Exhibition: Not Homeland


Recently, China is in the state of modernisation and urbanisation. The situation in China can be compared to Europe in mid 19th century and the USA in the 20th century. But the modernisation and urbanisation of China comprises serious changes for the lives and mind sets of one billion Chinese farmers – a sixth of the world population in total. That is why this process has significant impact and meaning.

Domestic Migration in China

Artist Li Dong has a great interest in the inner-city village in the Yuexiu district, Guangzhou. There, he observed people and families in the urban village Dengfeng. He plans to photograph the history of dozens of different families to depict the structure of modern humanism.

Now, the new exhibition „Not Homeland“ focuses on the social problems of domestic migration against the background of the urban village Dengfeng. Different problems are occurring for the new migrants/residents about identity, mind sets, questions of belonging, home and destination. The camera has observed mainly people living in Dengfeng since a decade. But emotional distress is an issue for most Chinese people in this age of modernisation. It is to be expected that the works in this exhibition kindle a profound discussion about this uncertainty. Where is actually home and what are we fighting for?

Watch a video of the exhibition

„Not Homeland“ is the title of Li Dong’s new exhibition. It was shown in Guanghzou from the 11th to 19th of April, 2015. For some impressions of the exhibition, watch a short video about it here.

Thanks to Juan Yang, LL.M. for translating the original text in Chinese to German.

Collaboration continues

LiDong and Michaela Pelican

The collaboration between artist Li Dong and Professor Michaela Pelican from the University of Cologne continues. Li Dong and Prof. Michaela Pelican are in touch regularly for the exchange of new ideas and plans.

Check our blog regularly for updates on new projects, exhibitions and the work of Li Dong. Until then feel free to download your copy of the exhibition catalogue „Baohan Street: An African Community in Guangzhou. Documentary photographs by Li Dong“ as pdf here.