Exhibition Catalogue Available

Baohan Street Guided Tour

Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition catalogue is now available at the Department of Social Anthropology. The catalogue edited by Jun.-Prof. Michaela Pelican gives more information about the photo exhibition and places the photographs in context with the African community in Guangzhou (China). You find contributions by Li Zhigang, Alexander Demissie, Li Dong, Michaela Pelican, Wang Shaobo and Sévérin Kaji.

Guided Tour Recap

On October 18 photographer Li Dong and curator Michaela Pelican welcomed visitors to a guided tour through the exhibition „Baohan Street: An African Community in Guangzhou“ at the main building of the University of Cologne. We were very pleased about the great interest in the tour with Li Dong and Michaela Pelican speaking about the photographs in detail. You now find photos of the guided tour in our online gallery.

For even more insights of the exhibition visit Li Dong’s blog as well as the AFROSO Homepage with an article by panel discussant John Njenga Karugia. You can read the article here.

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