The race is on: Polar 5 and 6 arrived in Longyearbyen!

Now the time has come: both aircraft, Polar 5 and 6, have arrived in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, yesterday afternoon!

Arrival of Polar 5 in Longyearbyen.

The aircraft belatedly started their ferry in Bremen on Thursday morning and had a stop for refueling in Tromsø over night. After the arrival in Longyearbyen, all hands were needed to unload the aircraft and prepare them for the first scientific flight.

Polar 5 after the landing at the airport Longyearbyen.

For Sunday, the first research flight is planned – provided that the weather condition is good enough for takeoff and landing! That means, that the cloud base has to be high enough to not directly fly into a low level cloud. This would bear the risk of a bad view and freezing of the propellers. And we do not want to risk a crash!

Hopefully, the plans can be realized. An update on the first flights will follow soon!

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On the way to the airport.

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